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A podcast series exploring the "Ajam" world, from Anatolia to South Asia and beyond. From the editors and contributors at Ajam Media Collective.

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March 14, 2024 00:41:19
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Ajam Podcast #39: Persianate Verse and the Poetics of Eastern Internationalism

In this episode, Belle interviews Samuel Hodgkin, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Yale University, about his recent book, Persianate Verse and the Poetics...



February 26, 2024 00:47:32
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Ajam Podcast #38: Iran's Alternative Art Scene

In this episode, Dr. Belle Cheves interviews Pamela Karimi, Professor of Art Education, Art History & Media Studies at UMass Dartmouth, about her book,...



April 26, 2021 00:34:37
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Ajam Podcast #37: Sufi Miracle Workers of Malaya

In this episode, Lindsey, Rustin, and Ali interview Dr. Teren Sevea, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School about his recent book,...



April 12, 2021 00:43:13
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Ajam Podcast #36: Being Persian before Modern Iran

In this episode, Ali interviews Dr. Mana Kia, an Associate Professor in Columbia University’s department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies about...



March 08, 2021 00:42:12
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Ajam Podcast #35: Creating India, Forgetting Hindustan

In this episode, Ali interviews Dr. Manan Ahmed Asif, an Associate Professor in Columbia University’s History department, about his book, [The Loss of Hindustan,...



February 22, 2021 00:33:30
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Ajam Podcast #34: Finding Home through Armenian Music with Joseph Bohigian

In this episode, Kamyar and Rustin interview Armenian-American composer and performer Joseph Bohigian about his latest musical composition, “The Water Has Found Its Crack”...